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Peter's Patter - Oct, 29th

We can’t believe we just wrapped up the first quarter of our school year! Time certainly is flying by! Seventh and eighth graders were very busy during the month of October. They each researched and wrote a report about a saint, wrote an essay about how America inspires them and started preparing for the Christmas program! It’s crazy that we already are thinking about Christmas, but we know that November will fly by and Advent will be here soon.

In Religion, we studied the life of Moses and are learning more about other prophets. In science, students made dioramas and posters that illustrate the types of pollution in our world and how to prevent each pollution type. Prealgebra students have been spending a lot of time estimating and using formulas while algebra students have been transforming formulas and solving multi-step equations. We finished reading Cheaper By the Dozen and have moved on to The Giver.

School families are beginning two fundraisers that will run through November; they will sell Rada Cutlery and Kwik Trip Gas and Car Wash Gift Cards. Please contact the school office or a school family if you are interested in ordering. Thank you for your support of our school. You are a part of what makes our school a great place!

Mrs. Dachel and 7th and 8th grades

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