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Peter's Patter - Nov 19th

Hello from first and second grade! Boy is it getting colder. That always means

that first quarter is coming to an end. It was nice to see all of the parents come

to hear the wonderful things the teachers had to say about their children. We all have areas in our lives that need improvement. This time of year, is a good time to start with the mind and soul. The first graders have joined the rest of the school in state testing, which began

on Halloween. They are excited to join in the “big kid” custom. The first graders have been doing a superb job keeping quiet so the second graders can think and do their


In second grade religion, we have been learning about the Annunciation.

The first graders are learning about the special task God gave Mary, and how the Rosary fits into that. We have been continuing to read exciting new stories during reading class and learning how to think deeper into the author’s purpose for writing a story. In Science, we are learning how scientist and engineers work together and show respect for each

other. In social studies, we’re learning about the government and the rights and responsibilities of the citizens. Before we know it, we will be preparing for

Christmas break. Stay warm everyone.

Mrs. Shellenbarger Grades 1 & 2

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