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Peter's Patter - Nov 12th

All Saints Day at St. Peter’s School is an exciting day! The students researched saints, memorized facts, then recited the facts for Monsignor Gorman while they were dressed like their saints. They learned some facts about the saints and recognized what it takes to live your life for God. The fourth graders also researched the saints in the beautiful stained glass windows in the St. Peter’s Church. If you’re curious about the symbolism in the window designs, ask a fourth grader.

The other exciting thing the fourth graders have been working on is getting their book of poetry published. They each wrote and illustrated six poems to be put together in a class book. We sent the pages off to the publisher and are waiting patiently for the hardcover book to be sent back to us. It will be fun to see the end result. We’ve also been studying regular fourth grade material like multiplication, punctuation, government, ecosystems and reading. In religion class they’ve been learning about how God can take the bad things and turn them into good like in the story of Joseph and his brothers. Standardized testing is taking place this month as well. God turns that into good as the students use this time as a chance to show off their skills. They have a great attitude about the testing!

Mrs. Boetcher

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