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Chalkboard Drawings


1st Grade

Greetings from first and second grade! We spent our first week back to school learning more about each other! We told our new and old friends about our favorite foods,
families, subjects, and hobbies. We also learned how to fill each other’s invisible buckets instead of dipping from them. Filling buckets makes everyone’s heart happy.
Our favorite back to school activity was saving Fred. Fred the worm was out in his boat, when it flipped over leaving his life preserver under the boat. The children had to work
together to save Fred by getting the life preserver out from under the cup and putting Fred into it without using hands or hurting him. Just 4 paperclips could be used. It was
a lot of fun, and all the children worked together to save Fred. The following weeks, we have been learning “the ropes” of class. Our room has changed around, and we have an extra grade this year. That make the routine very different. The children have been doing a fantastic job adjusting. We look forward to learning a lot this year!

4th Grade

Wow! St. Peter’s students are awesome! They are kind and caring with one another and they are respectful. It’s a joy to teach fourth graders that want to learn and have positive attitudes. In religion class the fourth graders have been refreshing their memories about the story of creation and the Mysteries of the Rosary. They’ve been going over place value in the millions during math and trying to organize data  into graphs. Aesop’s fables have been leading the way to writing their own fables in reading class.  The fourth graders are excited to be learning some basic Spanish,starting with numbers and colors. We’ve been discussing extreme weather in science class which connects to the watercolor painting of storms in art class. You may have been driving by while we’ve been playing 

flag football in the front yard. Feel free to join in the fun! 

The first few weeks of school have been great! 

~ Diane Boettcher 

5th & 6th Grades

5th and 6th graders students worked on creating arches. This goes with their Science Weekly and they are currently studying the Engineering Design Process and are at the "Create" stage. 

7th & 8th Grades

Fall greetings from 7th and 8th grades!  It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through the first quarter of our school year. 


Seventh and eighth grades were busy during September.  In Religion class, the students began the year learning about how God has revealed himself to us and how the Magisterium has the role of guiding the members of the Church in what must be believed and done by the faithful followers. Math time has had algebra students reviewing operations with rational numbers and the distributive property while pre algebra students have been learning how to multiply and divide with negative numbers.  In science, the students learned about Earth’s atmosphere and how it protects life on Earth.  In geography, the students finished learning about our neighbor to the north–Canada– and have begun a research project on a country of their choice.  The students are nearing the end of the novel Cheaper By the Dozen and are beginning to study nouns, pronouns, and adjectives in English class.  


During the month of October, we will be praying the Rosary on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 a.m.  All are welcome to join us in honoring the Virgin Mary during October.  


Mrs. Dachel and the 7th and 8th grades


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