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Chalkboard Drawings


1st & 2nd Grades

Hello from first and second grade! We have had such a great time at school in the past few weeks with more fun to come. On Feb. 8th, we celebrated the100th day of school. We all dressed as though we were 100 years old. It is
always fun to see what the children come up with. They wished they could have 100 of one thing and wrote to tell all about it. Squish mellows were popular.
We made caterpillars with 100 sections. We also did an experiment to see if we could make a popsicle last 100 licks. It was gone in about 58. I had a lot more
activities planned, but we will have to wait until next year see what they are. The week after the 100th day, was Valentines Day. We celebrated on the 13th with a little party where we showed off the card boxes we made. We read a book, wrote a book report and made a box about a character in the story or the setting. I am lucky to have such creative kids.
On another note, the first graders have been working with groups of tens and ones in math and are now learning how to add by making groups of 10. The second graders have been measuring everything in the classroom. They have
been measuring in inches, feet, yards, and meters. They didn’t realize there were so many options. In science, we investigated the properties of matter. For social studies, we are learning economics. Last week we looked at consumers
and producers. In first grade religion, we have been talking about all the miracles Jesus performed. He could even perform miracles from a distance. We look forward to many more adventures in Mrs. Shellenbarger’s class. Next
up...leap day!

4th Grade

Fourth grade is a busy place at St. Peter’s School.  Last week, the students told Jesus their sins and felt fabulous after Confession.  They had their throats blessed by Monsignor for the Feast of St. Blaise. In reading class the students had a good time performing the play Perseus and the Fall of Medusa for the school.  They are doing experiments on plants in the name of science. Some plants are the control group and some are being manipulated by the students depending on the experiments they made up.  They determined their variables, recorded the data, and compared their results with their hypothesis.  In social studies we’ve been discussing what it takes to be a citizen of the United States and what our rights and responsibilities are.  The students were surprised by the length and details on the citizenship test, but they’re confident they could pass the test by the end of fourth grade…

5th & 6th Grades

The fifth and sixth grade students greatly enjoyed all of the Catholic Schools Week celebrations. Their favorite activity from this past week would be seeing Fiddler on the Roof at McDonell.

In math, the fifth graders have recently wrapped up subtracting fractions with unlike denominators and regrouping. Their next topic of study will be learning to multiply fractions. The sixth graders are currently working on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

In Reading/Language Arts, the fifth graders recently finished up their unit on the Wild West and are beginning their unit on Project Earth that will culminate with a project based learning activity where students will get the chance to present an idea on how they can help protect the earth. Sixth grade students are beginning their unit on good times and bad times, focusing on Great Depression related literature. Both grades have also started their Forensics pieces. Forensics night will be held on March 6th. Stay tuned for more information! Students in the 5th through 8th grade have also begun working on their Festival of Nations projects. They are very excited to share this information with you! 

Congratulations to Hannah Pieper, Lacie Simon, and Juliet Herron. These three students will be advancing to the Regional Spelling Bee on February 12th. We wish them the best of luck as they represent St. Peter School.

7th & 8th Grades

Happy February!  We had an awesome Catholic Schools Week! On Tuesday we traveled to McDonell to celebrate the Mass with other schools from the deanery and to participate in a Rally Day.  Thank you to McDonell High School for hosting this event!  On Wednesday, the fifth through eighth grades saw the dress rehearsal of Fiddler On the Roof.  It was an impressive show!  The eighth graders showed a special appreciation to the teachers on Thursday with a delicious lunch.  We wrapped up Catholic Schools Week with Student Appreciation Day on Friday.  The students were treated to Deacon Rider’s pizza for lunch and enjoyed fun activities with their classmates throughout the day.  

Even with the fun activities throughout the week, the seventh and eighth graders had time to learn more about the theological virtues in Religion class.  Algebra students learned how to graph different equations while prealgebra students compared similar figures and calculated probabilities.  In Science, the students are learning how heat transfers, and in geography they are beginning their Festival of Nations research.  The students have begun reading The Hiding Place and are learning more about the time of WWII.  

Congratulations to Emma Wahl, Anna Bohl, Aaron Pieper, Lacie, Simon, and Madelyn Wahl for their participation in the Bloomer Jump Rope Contest.  Madelyn placed 4th in her division.  Thanks to all for representing St. Peter School!


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