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Peter's Patter - Oct 15th

The first month of school has flown

by! The fourth graders are a social

bunch, so we have been using their love

of sharing to perform for others. They

have performed their reading story

“Catch Me if You Can” for the fifth

graders and the second graders. They

wrote and performed a play about Jacob

tricking Isaac into giving him Esau’s

blessing and then being tricked by Laban

into marrying Leah instead of Rachel.

Acting the stories out helps the

students have fun while they learn, so I’m sure we’ll be

doing more of it. They’ve also been learning about fossils,

writing descriptive paragraphs about amazing animals, and

adding and subtracting in the millions.

They are getting better at serving in volleyball and at

speaking the Spanish words for family members.

The fourth grade fun continues as they turn pumpkins into

world globes and learn the figurative language we use in

English that makes it so confusing for others to learn

English. It might be raining cats and dogs while the bright-

eyed and bushy-tailed fourth graders go hog wild for

St. Peter’s School.

The Tilden Volunteer Fire Department came to school last

week to help teach about fire prevention. The students

were excited to see the big, red trucks and to stop, drop

and roll. We have monthly fire drills at school, but this week

we talked about how important it is to have a fire escape

plan at home.

Save the date for the fabulous fall dance on Friday,

October 20. Everyone is welcome. The students would love

to see you there!

Stay safe and keep praying for our children.

Mrs. Boettcher

Grade 4

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