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Peter's Patter - March 20,2022

A few announcements:1.The last day of the third quarter is Friday, March 18, right before spring break.2.Due to spring break, there will be NO Stations of the Cross on Thursday, March 24.With that being said, let's dig into what grades 5-6 are building and learning. In Science class, the grades are split into two groups to build a dam. All last week, everyone was planning and they also started constructing their dam. The only requirements are these dams need to have a spout for the water to go through, a stopper to stop the water, and these dams need to hold back at least a liter of water. We will be testing these on Tuesday!In Social Studies, we have just started learning about WWII and the effects it will have on the United States. In Language Arts, the fifth graders are learning about prepositions while the sixth graders are learning about prepositional phrases. In Math, the fifth graders are finishing up division with fractions and they will soon be starting patterns and graphing. In sixth-grade math, they have been spending a lot of time learning new formulas to calculate the areas of individual shapes and composite shapes. And in Religion, the fifth and sixth graders are studying the sorrowful mysteries and how Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is the perfect sacrifice. -Ms. Anstett and the Fifth and Sixth Graders

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