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Peter's Patter - March 13,2022

Greetings from the seventh and eighth graders. This week we enjoyed a short week due to a teacher diocesan in-service on Friday, March 11.In religion class, the students learned about the matter and form that goes with each of the seven sacraments. They now understand that without the correct materials and words, the sacrament is not valid. In Pre Algebra, the students just began a chapter about functions and will be exploring functions and graphing. Algebra students are busy learning about negative exponents and how to multiply numbers with exponents. In Reading, the students just began the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry. This is a story of a young boy living in a utopian community. The rocky planets and gas giants have been the topic of study during science time. The students are working in groups to research information about a planet that they then will share with the class. Finally, in Geography, the students are learning about the countries of Europe.The students of St. Peter School are participating in a fundraiser through Mike’s Star Market in Eau Claire. There is an assortment of brats and snack stix available. New this year: natural-casing hot dogs and gift certificates! Please contact a school family if you are interested in purchasing. Fundraiser ends Friday, March 18.The Pancake Breakfast is this Sunday, March 13. Food will be served from 8:30 to 11:30 AM. Free-will donation for breakfast. Wehope to see you there!—Mrs. Dachel and the Seventh and Eighth Graders

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