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An exciting event taking place on Friday, October 13th!

We are officially past our first full month of school and I have been truly blessed to serve the students that I have between Mrs. Dachel’s room and my own. They definitely keep me on my toes! The fifth and sixth graders have been hard at work wrapping up their first unit in both Religion and Social Studies. In art, they have been learning about the seven elements of art (color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value) to lay foundations for all art projects to come this school year. The fifth grade is currently working with decimals to the thousandths place along with comparing and ordering decimals from least to greatest in math. The sixth grade is also working with decimals in math with multiplication, and are also writing and evaluating multiplication expressions. An exciting event will be taking place on Friday, October 13. All students at St. Peter’s will be able to hear from Meteorologist Austin Haskins from WQOW. All students will attend a presentation of experiments followed by the opportunity to ask questions. Mr. Haskins has graciously agreed to present these talks in preparation for the seventh and eighth grades Science unit on Weather Tools following our unit on Weather Patterns.

“O God of Creation, you have blessed us with the changing of the seasons. Remind us to take time to rest. Remind us of the wonder of your Creation. Remind us that it is you who gives the breath of life. Amen.” Ms Naser-Stellar Grades 5 & 6

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